The Growing Popularity of Butt Augmentation Surgery

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In the western world, butt augmentation is still a popular surgical procedure done by women. For instance, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons has released a report that showed butt augmentation was the fastest growing procedure in 2015. This includes butt implant and uplift procedures. If you are still pondering on whether to undergo the butt augmentation procedure, here are insightful guidelines that you must take into account.

Safety of Butt lifts and Implants

Sometimes the butt lift procedure is referred to as the Brazilian butt lift. The procedure involves the injection of fat which is transferred from other parts of your body right into your buttocks. Provided you are in the case of a highly experienced surgeon; the procedure is safe. Alternatively, you can opt for injected silicone implants in the buttocks.

Butt augmentations are approved and performed by medically approved FDA silicone implants placed through incisions in between the buttocks. The incision implant will rest above the gluteal muscles positioned on either side. When administered carefully in an approved surgical setting, the butt implants and lifts will be done without any issues arising. Unfortunately, if any unapproved materials are injected into your buttocks, you are at risk of developing complications. In worst case scenarios, such complications can result in death.

Complications we Should be Aware of

under the knifeWhen undergoing an implant surgery, complications that arise are quite rare. For instance, the implants might harden and require additional surgery to be administered. This will result in asymmetry blood clots, cellulite, lumpiness, fat cysts or fat emboli, all of which are harmful to your health. On the other hand, buttock lifts involve the removal of extra skin right around the butt mound which can bring about complications such as a separate incision, scarring, and loss of buttock volume.

Does the Butt Shrink after the Procedure?

After a butt augmentation, the results are immediate. On the other hand, a fat grafting transfer can stretch on for 6 to 12 months as it settles. After the procedure, a little of the initial volume will subside. Roughly 60 to 80 percent of the fat volume survives. It is very important to remember that a weight gain in fat grafting on your buttock allows it to grow. On the other hand, weight loss causes it to shrink.

An Intense Healing Process

women sleeping face downAn implant procedure is pretty painful considering the complicated, invasive procedures required to split the butt muscles. After undergoing the butt augmentation procedure, you will spend more of your time lying around rather than seated. The healing process requires the individual to give the butt a three week healing period wherein they should apply minimum pressure to the area concerned.

Your sitting will have to be minimized. If you have to seat, you must rest on a cushion at an angle where the pressure is directed to your hind legs and not your buttocks. At night, sleeping will either be face down or on your side for the duration of healing. If you are an exercise enthusiast, this will have to wait for close to eight weeks after which it is considered safe to commence vigorous body activity that works those muscles.